I have made the statement for years that being successful in business is not about ‘rocket science’ – it has to do more with ‘social science.’ Kevin's book shows that to be true.”
– Jim Donald, Former CEO of Starbucks
Do You Want More Time
Out Of The Day-to-Day Issues
To Focus On Growing Your Manufacturing Business?
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Leading a highly successful manufacturing company can be simple, enjoyable, and thoroughly rewarding – if you align the process from the frontline to the bottom line.
What this book will teach you
Make It Right shows you how to simply align your manufacturing business to ensure that:
The 7 Most Important Results:
  • You can spend 50% of your time on strategic growth activities.
  • Your employees work on the basics every day without being monitored.
  • Any potential issues are exposed early, so they can be effectively resolved, with no surprises.
  • You have a highly engaged and enthusiastic manufacturing team that works well across departments.
  • You minimize the time people spend in meetings whilst having sound decisions made.
  • You have absolute transparency into the production numbers to set clear focus for improvement.
  • You get out of the office on time to properly recharge for the following day.
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About The Author
Kevin Snook
Kevin Snook advises manufacturing CEOs around the world, helping them transform their businesses and deliver breakthrough results by giving frontline employees the information, tools, and capability to make the very best decisions every minute of the day. As a manufacturing leader in P&G for 17 years, Kevin had hands-on experience of producing billion dollar brands such as Pampers, Always, Gillette, Pantene, Cover Girl, and Head & Shoulders. After successfully growing P&G’s Contract Manufacturing Division for Asia, Kevin left P&G to become managing director of a 4,000-employee manufacturing business. The business grew by implementing many of the best systems Kevin had formulated. 
As an entrepreneur, founder, and consultant to hundreds of manufacturing companies across more than 25 countries, Kevin has a deep sense of what it takes to deliver the magic combination of growth and stability in manufacturing companies. And he has gone further, by learning how to make that outcome simple.
Testimonials From Business Leaders
  • As a client, and one of the case studies for Make It Right, I can attest that Kevin practices the principles he explains in this book. This step-by-step guide to aligning the business helped the manufacturing division of DSG International produce efficiently across three countries during a challenging and sustained period of 35% annual growth. Real advice, real results.
    Ambrose Chan, CEO, DSG International Limited
  • The data and methods in Make It Right cannot be argued with and give us clear direction for priority setting and planning.
    B. M. Choi, Chairman and CEO, KleanNara Company Ltd.
  • Kevin Snook takes Servant Leadership to a whole new level. The ALIGN concept defines the practical process to work with Frontline employees to optimize results and create an improved work place. Make It Right is full of useful gems of wisdom that every leader can apply. His book provides a fresh and insightful approach that will be helpful to all manufacturing and business leaders.    
    Rick Stuit, Engineering Director, Johnson & Johnson APAC
  • Most books are written about what manufacturing is from the outside. Make It Right is about what manufacturing actually is, and what companies should really do.
    Sandesh Aggarwal, CEO, Leo Plastics Ltd, Tanzania
  • Make It Right is a must-read for anyone who is committed to the deepest level of success, that place where your life's work becomes an instrument for transformation in your business and in your life. Kevin Snook is a master catalyst for inspiring, teaching, and leading a revolution from within that transforms us and everyone we touch. The world needs us all to Make It Right!
    Dr. James Rouse, Founder, Healthy SKOOP, Well and Company